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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, December 09, 2000:

I saw 'Unbreakable' today with my friends. There was 7 of us, including me. 4 of the friends didn't like it, and the remaining 3, including me, liked it.Out of the 4 that didn't like it, 3 of them fell alseep atleast 10 mins of the movie. O_o; I thought it was pretty interesting how a person would do anything to find his friend/match. But whatever ^^; I liked Sixth Sense more tho. While i watched Sixth Sense, i didn't expect the trick ending, but in Unbreakable, i kinda expected it to end like that, or something. The only problem was, i was watching this in the korean theater, and the korean subtitles got in the way... ^^;;

the line i remember the most from that movie is "I swear to God you better not be jacking off to the japanese comics..!" O_o;;
7:33 PM

Thursday, December 07, 2000:

.............and i just remembered homework now, once again.... O_O;;
back to work~~~ ^^;

12:06 AM

kek.... i have to take 3(o_O) exams.. ^^; I was so close to not taking any of those....
like 1% or 2% off or something... oh well... it just means I just need to suffer
for one more extra week... ^^; I wasn't expecting to take that 3rd one tho... i should've
listened to my friend and did atleast do one bonus for the hell of it... ^^; gyah

ooh, i saw the end of Trigun just a sec ago. i was like, wow O_O;. The gun fight was so
fast paced and flowing or something. I dunno ^^;

12:04 AM

Tuesday, December 05, 2000:

eh heheeheh.... i just remembered about homework... ^^;;;; crap..
time to work~ ^^;

11:02 PM

Mwahaha~~~ I'm finally free of the dreadful history projects... ^^;
Our 2nd semester of school is almost over as well. The only thing left is the final exams(o_O), and
I'm free. ^o^ The good thing is, the school started a new policy where if you get a certain semester average in a class, you dun have to take the final exam of that class. ^^; In our grade, which is tenth, we have to get a 98 semester average... ^^;;; I think i'll have to take atleast 2 exams... (stupid american lit and history.. ^^;;;).

Hm.. maybe i'll put the scanner card in and try out the new scanner if i have time. ^o^
8:44 PM

Monday, December 04, 2000:

This is my blog.... I didn't like using the journal too much, as you can tell ^^;
It was a hassle to upload and stuff. This is like more simple for me... ^^; But... i'm still
getting used to this, so hang in there folks...

The layout... so choco-purple-ish.... O_o; It'll try to make another one soon. I jes based
it on the color scheme of my site. I may change my site layout soon as well.........

....cuz i finally got a scanner XD. I can't use it right now tho, i dun have time to put the card
in... i gotta finish some stuff for school.. o_o;

oh yeah, and the title O_O;; Strange huh? Dun worry about it... I dun kno why i picked this
as the title either.. O_o;;

9:36 PM