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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Friday, December 22, 2000:

bleh... i'm back i guess O_o;; I jes woke up O_o; I haven't been this sick in a while. First it was just some headaches like usual, then all of a sudden i starting throwing up O_o;;. It's been about, whut 5 yrs since i threw up? o_o; The last 12 hours were pretty painful.

I did hold back from throwing up a couple of times, then i said "gyah, this is more painful, i'll let it all out o_o;" but then when i go for the sink, i dun have to throw up anymore. I went to my bed to lay down again, then BOOm, another mad rush for the sink. O_o;;

Oooookie.. this post is pretty sick.
10:29 PM

Thursday, December 21, 2000:

Oookay... i got some new games today... they would be Guilty Gear X, BoF4, and the new Rival Schools(Justice High whutever O_o;) installment. ^^; I dun kno the exact title for the new Rival Schools but roughly translated, i think it's Burn it Up, Rival Schools. Uhm.. yeah.

I just tried out Guilty Gear X. The gameplay improved a bit from the old one. I didn't like the other one... ^^; The first thing that stood out tho, was the graphics. It kinda felt like watching an OAV O_o;; The animation is pretty smooth too.

Now I will go try out the other ones... ^^;
6:44 PM

thankies to kristen for helping me fix da blog layout ^^
6:39 PM

Wednesday, December 20, 2000:

I'm sure there were more than just TWO, O_o;; but this is all i could find....
ashu.jpg - My first pic of ashton ever. As you can tell, i didn't know what the dragons looked like too much O_o;. I just liked the expression. Ignore the history notes. O_O Jeez i have bad handwriting iRL.

ashuattack.jpg - ashton attacking something?

Bleh... these are weird... I gotta do a REAL ashton pic for yuyu one of these days.. ^^;
BTW, Happy Birthday yuyu~~~!! ^_^
12:28 PM

Alrighty then... i got my scanner hooked up, and it's pretty cool ^^. Look at the first pic i scanned in it~
claude04.jpg - It'd be my original char claude. O_o yay.

Now I gotta scan in them half finished ashton pics.... ^^;
11:46 AM

ookay... don't view my blog in IE. ^^;; There's an ugly border in the middle O_O;; I can't seem to make it go away in IE, but i can in Netscape. So.... just don't view it in IE ^^;
10:16 AM

yes yes, kristen, let's spread the joy together~ I mean, what's the point of being depressed in an already depressed world? O_o; hm? bleh.
9:47 AM

jeez, what's up w/ me being sick on every holiday vacation?
9:43 AM

hahaha... ooookay... this is weird. I couldn't find my N64. O_o;; So... later i decided I'm going to play gameboy for a while... and i couldn't find it either. O_O; NINTENDO! Are u betraying me????? O_o;; What's next, my SNES? O_O;; jeez.
9:40 AM

Monday, December 18, 2000:

I just read through my own blog...and i realized something. It's pretty damn lame. ^^; Just a bunch of funky fragments that are slapped on together. I wonder if that's what i sound like when i talk iRL? O_O;
10:05 PM

Ooookay, i did the new layout. I kinda had to relearn frames for this, cuz i've never used them in my life. ^^; Something about this layout looks plain. I dunno. I'll change it again later. I'm hungry right now XD

The pic on the left would be Yukino from KareKano. Why KareKano? I dunno. My blog title sounded like a shoujo anime flick(O_O;) or something, and i saw KareKano today. So i thought, "why not?" O_o; Whatever.
1:35 PM

gyah, i'm sick. i guess i jes woke up right now O_o;; Crap, i missed practice for sure now.... x_x I can't even talk right because of this blasted stuffy nose. It sounds like i'm running out of breath when i'm talking o_o;

HAHAHAHA~ i forgot my blogger login password. O_O; Good thing I had it on 'remember me.' Eh... now i gotta try to remember the little sucker again.

I guess i should hook up that scanner while I'm home. I bet if i don't do it today, i won't do it anytime this winter break. ^^; .......and I haven't oekaki-ed in a while. I can't think of what to draw nowadays tho, and i can't think even more right now since i'm sick.
10:34 AM