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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Wednesday, January 10, 2001:

NeilxJyin is seriously scaring now....... ^^;;;
12:15 PM

O_O... jeez. School was canceled again.... o_O; Yeah sure it's a good thing, but it's like being cancelled so much, like in animes....or something. Keep this up, maybe our school will be blown off the maps~ kya kya kya~ *bopped*

I officially dun kno what the hell is going on at Krisu's oekaki ^_^;;
help me out here~ (I guess that's what I get for living on the other side of the world of everybody that's practially there... ^_^;;;).

8:15 AM

Tuesday, January 09, 2001:

Oooookay.... we had a day off yesterday because snow. I come back to school for the first time after winter break, and all of a sudden announcements pop-up after about 10 mins of class.

"There is early dismissal today." O_o

Uh... yeah. Dang, the new semester started out PSYCHO (kinda like me, eh?). Everyone was craaaazyyy this morning. Of course homeroom started out w/ ******'s pointless/out of topic joke/statement. I mean, i say pointless stuff too, but ******'s stuff is POINTLESS. o_o

I must've been out for school TOO long tho. I couldn't remember where my homeroom class was. BTW, that is a very strange thing because out school is very ghetto and small. O_o;

The first thing people noticed about me tho, was my short haircut. Eh, yeah i cut it finally. No more long bangs for me~. Some people say it's better short, some people say it was better long. I dun really care, but all I know is, my head gets really cold with short hair. o_o;
8:04 PM

Monday, January 08, 2001:

Lain pic below, colored - I got bored and went away and colored it. o_O;
5:48 PM

Felt like posting again....

Lain Above the Streets - Eh.. I didn't really work that hard on this one. This first started out w/ a simple full body Lain sketch, but I felt like drawing more. I remembered a part of the Lain opening where she's on a bridge thingy, and blah. The original is bigger than this, but i had to cut out the part w/ the spirals of the notebook.
1:54 PM

hrm.... I may just get the japanese version of DQ7 as well.... I was hoping they'd bring it in English. I mean lookit what they did for FF7. They skipped like so many of the prequels(2,3,5) then all of a sudden, BOOM, 7 comes out. They didn't release DQ 5 and 6, so why not release 7 like what they did for FF...? Eh, these are jes my thoughts. o_o;
1:20 PM

don't u jes hate it when you drink the last cup of milk in the carton, then come back later and find out it was expired? O_o I'm hating it a lot right now....kek.
12:35 AM

Did my feet get swollen? O_o; .......or did it just get bigger/fatter overnight? It feels all funky and squishy today for some reason. o_O;

This would be another good point to add into the "The Semi-Official Why Yujoon is Psycho List."
...........No, i do not make a list like that..........or something. o_O;

12:21 AM

Sunday, January 07, 2001:

Me and mom baked some brownies just a second ago. We were both hungry and we looked at each other for a second, then all of a sudden, we both said, "Do we have anything sweet to eat?" O_O;; So...we found some brownie mix and blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.

They're so chewey and yummy~ <3 Me and my mom are weird. ^^;
6:34 PM

MWAHAHAHAHA~ I dun have to go back to school until tuesday~ thanks to the snow! Kyahahahahahaha~ Puahahahahaha *cough cough* eh, kya kya kya *shot, stabbed by spectators, thrown off the stage*
3:27 PM

A pic I just felt like posting:

Sleepy Jun in Color - The original b/w version of this was gonna be the new title page image but I trashed the pathetic thing ^o^;. I didn't really wanna put this pic to waste tho, since i worked kind of a long time on it, so..... i went on and colored it.
Wallscrolls~ oooOo~~~ o_o;
2:49 PM

whut the ghetto? eh i guess they didn't change the interface. It's jes different in I.E. and Nestcape O_o;.

으아아~~ 유준또바보됐다.....
Or in english, augh Yujoon made himself look dumb again. (the text would be in korean).

ha ha ha ha.... o_o
11:50 AM

"And you don't seem to understand..."

Uhm.. yeah. I've been watching Serial Experiments Lain. I like it, even tho I don't get too much of it right now. I just got thru watching the first two eps. Lain looks cute in the bear/raccoon for whutever pajama lookin' things. ^_^;
2:32 AM

whoa, is it jes me or did the blogger interface change a bit? O_o; I see bold button and hyperlink shortcut icons~ yay, life's made a bit easier now~ o_O
2:27 AM