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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Wednesday, March 07, 2001:

it's lunch time, in that restaurant again. O_o;
too many crazy people here.... and i thought i was the only one insane.......
or something.

12:04 PM

Tuesday, March 06, 2001:

AUGH, i have a big nike sign on the back of my head~~!!!!
In other words, they cut my backhair weird.

11:09 PM

welp, i'm pretty much full now. O_o so... posting time~

Lani and a Amarant Keychain? O_o; - I dunno, i dun really like Lani or Amarant that much, but I felt like drawin' some screwed up villan. ^^;

Claude staring at something - done in History class, whoo hoo~ O_o;
8:54 PM

hm....... Kuja? I dunno, i think he's TOO bishie/girlyish ^^; I probably think that cuz I'm a guy, but all them girl fans seem to fall for him ^^;;;; I like his evil personality tho. Especially durning the [spoiler] death of Brahne, his little "bite my finger, 'Oh I'm so evil and bishie' smile. ^^;;;

erm... go Beatrix~ ^^;

Now Jammin' to - Trigun, PHILOSOPHY in a Teacup
8:25 PM

5 more donuts to go~ ..............o_o;
8:20 PM

Must play FFIX....... when's Beatrix coming out again, dammit? ^^;

Now Jammin' to - Fuikui Mariko (You're Under Arrest), Love Somebody
8:13 PM

.........o_O; jeez i finished my dinner in like 5 minutes. I'm also eatin' a whole bunch of donuts now too....and I'm still HUNGRY~~!

Now Jammin' to - the pillows (FLCL), Runner's High

it's strange, i'm eating donuts to the beat of this fast paced song O_o;
8:09 PM

Jeez, soccer is killing me. O_o;
8:05 PM

Monday, March 05, 2001:

We Koreans are also interesting people..............
in a funky way. O_o; I guess all Asians are pretty interesting, or sumthing.

Whoo hoo~ go Asians~~ er yeah.

Oh yeah, I'm gone now. ^^;
6:34 AM

LOL, yeah.
6:32 AM

Quick post before I get ready for dundundun........ school~ O_o;

Broken Wings - my ghetto CGing skills strike again, or sumthing. O_o;
6:19 AM