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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, April 21, 2001:

Bleh... I'm pretty tired right now. I'm just kicking it with some of my buddies in a PC Gameroom after our soccer game. It just really sucks that Fortress 2 ain't working over here. O_o;;; There aren't any other fun games to play over here so.... I'm bloggin'. o_o; *yawn*

oh yeah, i actually scored a goal. O_O; amazingness...
1:22 PM

Friday, April 20, 2001:

Hm... today was the first time I had dream where I died......while I was sleeping in school that is. ^^;;; I dun remember exactly how I died in the dream, but it was during sometime in Algebra class. I think I crashed into a brick wall or something... O_o ..because when I woke up, I kinda jerked up then crashed my face into the desk.

Sure kept me awake after that.... o_o;
11:44 PM

Thursday, April 19, 2001:

The action flick that surpasses the action in the Matrix~ Click now~!! ^_^_^;
10:18 PM

Wednesday, April 18, 2001:

I got ur postcard Angie~! ^_^ It arrived pretty fast, eh? Thanks alot, it really made my day. ^^ I like the little cute pic up at the top. X3
8:01 PM

Tuesday, April 17, 2001:

Hm, I seem to always blog at the wrong time of the day. It's already past 12:00. ^_^;

Today's school day was the same as always; started up w/ some lame comments, sweat drops rollin', and etc.. My friends were talking about the moon landing conspiracy and stuff. Honestly that crap was scaring me. I still haven't seen that stuff w/ my own eyes, but I'm somewhat scared to, because I'll think about it all day tomorrow(today whutever). My friend was trying to get a dicussion time for it, although we failed miserably and looked like psychos until the end of the period. O_o;

Everything was just about the same, until Japanese II class. I've forgetten that we would have a sub there for the rest of the year. You see, our original teacher is pregnant right now so she's not gonna teach after the baby's out. So.. we got our Algebra teacher (o_O;) to just sub us and watch us over until the end of the year. The original teacher, left us a whole crapload of work to do she did. No mercy no mercy eh? I guess she's saying "I'm having a baby, so dun mess." o_o;

I'm in the middle of studying for a test right now. Why so late? I took a long nap. I left the TV in my room on and when I woke up, a Korean subtitled version of South Park was on. o_O; Jeez, the translations were like really strange. I can't really explain cuz most people that read this dun speak Korean. Kyakyakya...

12:40 AM

Sunday, April 15, 2001:

o_O;; ooookay... today's first episode was weird....
10:29 PM

Hm.. it's already 10. Might as well kill off the evening watching some crazy Ed~ *runs off to watch Cowboy Bebop* o_o;
9:58 PM

there we go, I updated all my blog links. No more old crap now.... i think. o_O;
4:35 PM

Things I need to do:

- Draw, jeez I haven't drawn a thing all spring break o_o;
- Sleep more.
- Make new layouts for this stupid thing.
- clean my room. (good luck)
- get more FOOD. o_o
- kill all these freakin' COCKROACHES.
- update my site. o_O yeah right.
- think about better things to say.

4:00 AM

yeep... here I am, almost 4:00 AM, killing COCKROACHES..... o_o *crunch crunch toss*

I'm dead serious, this was the stupidest spring break. ^___^;
3:53 AM