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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Thursday, April 26, 2001:

....weird, Tengu and Angie's sites aren't workin'. o_o;
1:22 AM

Wednesday, April 25, 2001:

Augh, I got sick. o_o; I dunno how, but I woke up this morning and my body was feeling all hot and achey and stuff. I could barely get up, so I called my mom asked what I should do. Luckily, right in front of the house, and she told me to stay home. o_o; So now I'm stuck at home alone, slurping up this bowl of New England Clam Chowder. Dammit, and I have a soccer game today too... x_x
11:44 AM

Tuesday, April 24, 2001:

It's been a while but it's dun dun dun dun... posting time. o_o;

Juvenile - More like immature.... most of the girls in our class that is, but that would look stupider than Juvenile is. o_o; I'll ramble more on that later, I guess. The guy is Claude BTW. (My Claude, not the SO2 Claude. ^^;)

B-Ball Dude - This is a little sketch of a friend of mine, he wanted me to draw him... and I still wonder why... o_o; If you've watched Slam Dunk you outta kno who Rukawa is. This dude reminds me of him, the way he plays that is. This guy is pretty amazing. o_o; Go Mr. PG~!

Sir Fratley Sketch - Eh, this is kinda old. It was on the same page of my notebook where I drew Lani.

Ela being Haunted... why why why... - I guess this is the highlight(o_o) of this round of pic posting... I dun really like drawing Ela like that, but eh, it fits the mood. I like the more cutesy/smily Ela. ^_^;

Claude's Headshot - My Claude again. O_o;

Headshot Number 2 - Claude's head again. Looking mighty happy for some reason. O_o;

Hm... I guess that was kinda a lot this time. Comment, please? ^_^;
10:41 PM

Hrm.... I'm home alone once again... not that I really mind. You see, my grandma was somewhat sick on Sunday or so it seemed, but she was REALLY sick, but she was resisting. So yesterday, my mom took her to the hospital and slept there so she could take care of her. My grandma had to go thru some surgery, x_x; but my mom called up this morning and said she was doing alright.... so I guess that's a good thing.

As for food, I ate ramyun/ramen these two past nights. I dunno, I like ramen so it's no prob, and I'm too lazy to get all the crap out and make me some fried rice and stuff like that. Actually, I dun kno where all the vegies are. o_o;

I was pretty surprised that I woke up on time to school without anyone waking me up. I'm a DEEP sleeper. If someone doesn't like poke me or anything, I won't get up. Not even if you put the stereo speakers to the max w/ blaring punk rock music. But just in case I put my loudest alarm clock on, and the TV timeset alarm around 6:30. Today I woke up around 6:29 and I was like "Wow, I'm up on time o_o, what a beautiful morning~!" I spoke to damn soon. The the alarm clock was ringing like there was no end and the TV flashed on w/ weather forecasts the next second. X_x; And of course, my mom thought I wouldn't be able to wake up, so she gave me a little morning call at the same time. Sheesh.

I'll probably be up longer than usual so.... drop me a line....? o_o;
8:25 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2001:

I think the problem with me in posting/drawing fanart is that when I get a new game or watch a new anime, etc.. and I like it, I tend to get too into and dun to any art of it. o_o; So what happens is, I remember what I used to like, and do a fanart of if about 2~3 years after the game/anime came out. I've played so many fighting games that if I did fanarts of all the characters I liked, I would probably fill up 'bout 10 megs of my tripod account. But I don't, and I probably never will so, eh. Also I'm usually in some kind of drawing slump.

Or this could be some sorry-ass excuse for not updating much. o_o; *capped*
10:34 PM

When there's nothing watch on TV, I turn on the cooking channel. o_O; I dunno, for some reason it's fun for me to watch people cook or learn new food recipies, although I dun go and try to cook them or anything. Or maybe I just like watching the obnoxious cable channel commercials that are dubbed in korean. X3;

4:24 PM