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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Tuesday, May 01, 2001:

Whoo hoo, tomorrow's the preliminary voting for the next year of our school's student council. It's kind of a big deal for me, since I go to a fairly small school, which affects me and the school(actually I care less about school o_o), depending on who gets elected. o_o; No thril in this years candidates tho.... there aren't too many. Last year u didn't kno who was gonna win until that last moment.

One person I'm rooting for is this one nuna(neechan *korean-ness*) I'm some what friendly with. Nah, I'm not going for her just because I know her, it's cuz out of the 2 that are running for Pres (the nuna and a guy I know), I think she's more fit for it. She doesn't have that big of a personality flaw, she's somewhat outgoing, and she's pretty smart.

For the other stuff like treasurer and secretary, there's some young 9th grade girls running for it. Honestly, I think they're too young and they don't have enough experience. Not to mention they are way past from being fit for the position. ^^;; But they come up on the net and say "Oppa(niichan o_O;), remember to vote for me, kay?" o_o; .....whutever.

The one I really want for President is this one other psycho guy I know that's running for secretary instead. The way he acts will really throw you off, but he thinks a lot and is a pretty smart guy. Mwahhaaha... o_o;

One more other person I know of that is running is some girl in our class. (for secretary). I think she isn't fit for it any better than the two 9th grade girls. She's one of them really immature girls I mentioned earlier. Why do I say that you ask? Well I don't think a grown 10th grader girl can survive in the SC(or society for that matter) when she starts crying during class because the teacher didn't call on her when she's been raising her hand for a while and called on someone else... or some crap like that. o_o; COME ON, ur in freaking 10th grade, by now you should know that not every single person in the fooking world is going to pay attention to YOU all freaking day. You aren't the center of the universe... That's not the only time/thing she does so... eh.

As for me, I don't think I'm ever fit for this kinda crap so I didn't even think about running. Shy and non-outgoing I am. ^^;
8:40 PM

Monday, April 30, 2001:

Eh, I updated with just one pic again. Go now~!! ...please? ^^;;; It's the colored version of the Ela pic. Feed back please? o_o;
11:00 PM

I'm back. Actually I was back Saturday from my 3 day soccer KAIAC tourny trip, but I was too tired to do anything after I arrived. O_o; I guess I had some fun, although we lost all of our games in the preliminaries. It was worth going there to watch the great games of the other teams there tho... so it wasn't a major time-loss, I guess. Now soccer is over, and so are all the sports for the year. I guess this means I can go home earlier and rest from now on...? o_o;
1:16 AM