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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Friday, July 13, 2001:

I woke up about an hour ago to find out my mom was in my room watching the TV. Why's that? It's because the only cable connection is in my room. I dunno, I didn't really care about having cable or anything, but mom said let's get it, and we did about 4 months ago. And since around that time, I was the only person that really watched a lot of TV, mom put it in my room. (I only live with Grandma and Mom).

Welp, mom's gonna open a little restaurant around August. She's been planning this for a while, and she recently quit her old job (O_o...?). She's trying to learn every new tidbits of stuff for her restaurant, so she comes in my room to watch the cooking channel.

Honestly, that doesn't really bother me, because I enjoy watching cooking channels as well. Cooking is fun, dammit. ^^;
11:21 AM

Eh, I was reaching for the soap, and while I was fiddling around with my hands, my thumb ran into the razor. Suprisingly, the blade dug into my thumb 'bout a half a millimeter. So I got a nasty papercut-esque razor blade cut on my thumb now. I didn't kno razors could be so sensitive-sharpyness to little taps.
1:06 AM

Thursday, July 12, 2001:

okie, I messed around with the template again, and added a little bottom menu image. It kinda looked like everything was floating around w/o it. O_o;
6:58 PM

hm... i need to find a good BG for this. O_o;
2:55 PM

mwahahaa, i fixed the stupid template. o_o;;; Uh whoo, new blog layout. Finally.
2:42 PM

layout test, DIE BLOGGER!!!!
2:37 PM

Hm, so much for working on page 2. I didn't get the inspiration kick for that. After about an hour I ate breakfast and washed up, I took a nap. And I just got up now. ...and now I shall run off to buy some more pencil lead before do any more crazy pen doodles in my notebook of characters from old games. O_o;
12:03 PM

I guess around 6 AM, I'll try to work on the second page of FEYES, cuz right now, I'm gaining motivation points by listening to Melodies of Life and stuff. uhm.. Ashitaeto suzuku~ ....must finish....boring....prologueeeeee.... o_o;
4:03 AM

for being bored, I sure do have a helluva lot to talk about. O_o;
3:47 AM

dern.. they dun have anything good on TV around this time. Don't the TV stations kno that some psychotic Korean girlyboy kid will be up at 3:30sum AM struggling of boredom and no sleep to keep himself up and stuffz? o_o;

Oh God, you kno I have cracked for sure when I start adding the "z"s for stuffz.
3:42 AM

...i sure hope that post coke overdose after effects wear off pretty soon.
3:37 AM

narg, screw it all. I will just stay up, watch the sunrise, and take a LOOOONG nap during the afternoon. Yeah that's it.... let's see who gets the strawberry milk this time, you punk. Mwahahaahahharrararar. o_o;
3:33 AM

....the only way I'll fall asleep is if some crazy terrorist breaks into my room and injects me with a gallon of wild animal tranquilizer... and then make me run around the neighborhood for about a 3.5k cross country race, and then make me sit through a KareKano 6 marathon. Argh.. being nocturnal during summer sucks... you miss breakfast, and your stupid cousin beats you to the daily delivery of strawberry milk..... .....GIVE BACK ALL THE STRAWBERRY MILK DAMN YOU!!!! o_o;
3:28 AM

I'm being quite the nocturnal guy nowadays..... so uhm.. I'm bored so let's start listing video game quotes that come to mind:

"...spare me.... *stab*" - that old preacher guy in FFT
"...I am the reinforcements." - Ashley Riot of VG
"Drink your goddamn tea... or is my hospitality not good enough for ya?" - Cid from FFVII
"He's just a dirty old man!" - Rutee talking to Clemente in Tales of Destiny
"NessNessNessNessNessNessNess....." - Giygas from EB/Mother 2
"I WANT OUT!" - angsty little Squall from FFVIII
"All the foxy ladies dig my voice." - Carlos from Biohazard/Resident Evil 3
"...I call it the Yummy Yummy Beef Stage!" - the bear dude from Parapa/Lammy
"YOU SHOULD BE BANNED FROM EVERYGAME~!" - that crazy hell lady from Jammer Lammy

uhm... more later? o_o;;; (as if).
3:17 AM

Gyah, I can't fall asleep. Even the lulluby-ish FF9 overworld music isn't putting me to LaLaLand.

....and holy crapola, I need to do a lot of link updating. o_o;;;
3:03 AM

Wednesday, July 11, 2001:

Hm... many Korean free domain distributing sites are like that.... If your layout isn't flashy and graphic intense+fast loading, you dun get in. o_o;; I usually don't even think about trying, because I emphasize on simplicity and getting straight to the point. Plus 99% of koreans use IE (which I despise ^^;;), so all their layouts look crappy on Netscape. My friend is quite the flashlayoutIE freak, and he sometimes asks why I won't bother learning PHP and that stuff and make a flashy/eye candy/html infested layout to earn a domain. I usually just give a sarcastic "it's ok, I have TRIPOD." o_o;

If you're trying to make a site to share information, I don't see a point of making a layout that only shows up to only your browser, and not keeping in mind of other crazy people (like me.).

...argh... I just realized I missed Cowboy Bebop last night. o_o;;;
3:29 PM

Argh.... I was meaning to update FEYES today.... but the comic page went rip. o_O; I did the whole rough sketch last night, and was trying to ink it this morning, but my hand slipped while erasing and made a big crease. I tried to get the crease out with a whole bunch of attempts, but then I pulled too hard and the page ripped into two. o_o; So much for trying to make the official update day Wednesday. I guess if I feel motivated enough, I can make a page today... but it'll probably be rushed and stuff. I wanna finish this stupid prologue quick, so I can get to some sword and magic action. o_O;

Working too hard isn't too good, eh? o_o;;;
3:14 PM