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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, August 04, 2001:

I didn't really do anything today (as usual), but it felt good that I could be up to the good sunshine and do nothing. It didn't feel as wasted as it was when I would wake up around 3 PM and feel all junky and stuff. I finally got my PS from my cousin (that brat). He finally got his own chipped so he could play my burned games. o_o; (which are like 95% of my PS cd collection). I could've been a bad person and took it from him anytime I wanted to, but I knew it was the only thing that would keep him not pouting and coughing up attitudes, so I let him play it all he wanted to. o_o;

I just spent the day online talking to some old buddies of mine on AIM and IRC. We go a long ways back to like 96~97 when I first got on the net. ^^;; We talked about random stuff that always pops up somehow. Our conversations are hella funky. We could go from talking about the Korean President to Music Differences, and then all the way to "failing" cows. O_o; We did our usual thing of exchanging MP3s as well. It's funny cuz that friend of mine is a hip hop fan, and i'm like the general guitar/rock freak. I can't get him into guitary stuff, but his hiphop stuff is getting to me. ^^; On IRC, we had this long talk about whether Isamu or Guld from Macross Plus' skin was tan or pale. o_o; And after that it lead to something about "ghetto impalment" of the VF into Sharon Apple.

In the midst of all this, I was sketchin' in my sketchbook, and watching Furi Kuri (again) on the comp at the same time. ^^;;; After that I took a nap, and here I am now.

In other news, I'm gettin' into Gorillaz. Whoo hoo. :P I should look around for their CD sometime. There's just something about them that reminds me of Jet Set Radio (which I like the music in that game a lot as well). ^__^ Maybe it's that funky beat.
6:43 PM

My artist test results were:

# 1 Surreal/Dada (Dali, Breton, Magritte, Duchamp, etc.)
# 2 Modern ( Mondrian, Picasso, Braque, Rothko, Courbusier, etc.)
# 3 Romantic/Symbolic Art (Moreau, Klimt, etc.)
# 4 Abstract Expressionist ( Kandinsky, Klee, Pollock, De Koonig, NY School, etc.)
# 5 Expressionist (Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cezanne, Lautrec, etc.)
# 6 Renaissance/ Baroque Art (Michelangelo, Raphael, Da Vinci, Bellini, etc.)
# 7 Impressionist Art (Monet, Manet, Cassatt, Degas, Renoir, Seurat, etc.)
# 8 Neo Classic Art (
# 9 Realist Art (Rembrandt, Van Eyck, Ash Can School, etc.), I dunno about that. ^^;
4:52 AM

Here I am, up this late, sipping on a can of coke, clicking around everywhere to see if people's blogs have new entries or see if online comics have new pages updated. My stomach feels kinda bad from drinking coke as soon as I got up, plus and with an empty stomach at that.

I wasn't staying up this time, as I got my normal sleeping abilities back. I was just tired and slept early from the big shopping I went with mom. We looked around for about 3 hours for some new kitchen utensils for her new restaurant. She says she took me so she can have extra advice on which stuff would match up with her restaurant's concept/colors etc... and she said it was real good help taking me there. I dunno about that. o_o;

Around 3 pm or so, my mom took me to some Italian Styled spaghetti restaurant she likes. I really liked how it tasted it, but I couldn't get my face to show that I enjoyed it because my body wasn't feeling too good the whole time. ^^;;; I would've ate more if I wasn't feeling so bad. She also took me there to tell me check out the interior of the restaurant, to get ideas and stuff for her restaurant.

As soon as I came home, I dropped in my bed and fell asleep. I woke up 30 minutes later, talked to some people on the net. I decided I would have a break, and I dropped in my bed again, and fell asleep. I woke up around 10:30 PM to realize that I sleeped about 2 more hours, leaving the comp on as well. ^^;;; I turned off the comp and went back to sleep, woke up again, and here I am now. ^__^;;
3:53 AM

Friday, August 03, 2001:

Whoa, I actually woke up at 8 AM today, instead of sleeping at that time. o_o; Looks like I'm gettin' back to normal sleep now.
9:54 AM

Thursday, August 02, 2001:

It's the third day that my room's ceiling started leaking. Every 30 seconds or so, I hear a ::PLOP:: of a water droplet dropping into the somewhat big bucket that's placed on the middle of the bed. There it goes again. o_O; Despite the size of the bucket, the height of where the water falls from is pretty high, and it makes splashes around the bed and on the floor.

If you leave the room for about an hour, the floor near the bed is infested with little water droplets. It's hard to walk around. The sound of the dropping is a good way to tell time the tedious way. "Hm, 2 drops. Looks like a minute has gone by. Ooh look, the song is halfway over. Two hours and 59 more minutes until everyone wakes up from their normal slumber."
4:52 AM

I'm sittin' in front of the comp around 4 AM, and a mosquito lands on my face. I quickly move my hand up to my face, and flick it onto the wall. It smashes into the wallpaperness, splattering into nothingness, while leaving a messy trace of blood. I looked at it and thought, "Wow, I guess this can help me practice drawing blood." o_O; I wonder when I can get some normal sleep again.

4:43 AM

feyes is updated. i don't like it. ugh.
12:17 AM

Wednesday, August 01, 2001:

Er... looks like my pathetic self can't get enough motivation to do 2 inks in one week, so there will be only one page. @w@ <--- what the hell is this anyways?
10:57 PM

It's Wednesday.... but I worked ahead and I have a page ready for FEYES. o_O; I won't update yet, cuz I'm actually trying to get two pages in today, for the couple of pushed back weeks... or something like that, yeah.

I like coke, but I love pepsi commercials... cuz in korea we get, PEPSI, PEPSI, PEPSIMAN~~~~~! O_O;
1:14 PM

Tuesday, July 31, 2001:

hrm.. the days are working backwards for me now. I sleep around 9 AM, and then wake up around 2~3. Then I mess around until it's like really dark, and soon it's already 6 AM. Semi-Nocturnalness, baby. o_O;
7:13 AM

Monday, July 30, 2001:

Happy Birthday, Vera! ^__^
....i'm still a bad kid cuz i only knew because ICQ told me. ^^^;;;

I attempted drawing Ophelia, but I don't know too much about her... so it didn't come out very good. ::goes off to draw some other present::
5:02 PM

duuuuude, my junk folder scares the crapola out of me. O_O;
1:00 AM

Sunday, July 29, 2001:

Gyah, looks like blogvoices is acting up again... so I took off the script. I should've done it long time ago, actually... but I thought it would've magically come back after a while. :P Well I guess it's trying to, but something is very wrong with that server or something.
2:13 PM