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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, August 18, 2001:

Yummy, it's weekend time. School isn't screwing too much with my mind....yet. ^^; ...except for the fact my class voted me in for class rep. o_o; That screwed with my mind a lot. The teacher just asked whoever wanted to do this to raise their hand, and I decided it might be fun, even after all the BS-full nonsense I saw during the school elections last year. So... I shall work hard for my school/class, or something. Oh yeah, and I decided I don't wanna run. I'm not really up for it this year.

Last night was pretty funky. I talked with 2 friends on AIM, and we ended up playing some 3 vs 3 Starcrafty. We won and stuff. We had some pretty quality lamer destructing fun until the sun rose. (TWO....TWO DROPSHIPS, DAMMIT!). Literally. o_o; We also managed to play some map setting games, and got whooped. Twice. :P Well you can expect how late I woke up today. Nyahahahaa... o_o;

Today I just helped mom with her pre-restaurant stuff, and took a nap. I have community service tomorrow. Yay. Now I must do homework, so I don't forget to do it after community service.

(~- -)~ dance dance.
11:03 PM

Thursday, August 16, 2001:

nyang.... It's already the second day that I came back from school and fell asleep right away, and took a 2 hour+ nap. I think it's cuz I stayed up late most of the summer nights, and I'm still not getting really used to waking up and sleeping earlier. It's killin' me. It's like having Jet Lag without even being on a plane. How ghetto. o_o;
8:22 PM

Wednesday, August 15, 2001:

wow, school was so much fun, fun enough to BITE EVERYONE'S HEAD OFF!!! :P Nah, it wasn't that bad, just kinda funky.
11:01 PM

Tuesday, August 14, 2001:

Well, tomorrow, I officially start school. I didn't run all summer, but the coach gave me the "eye" during registration on Monday, so I guess I'm gonna be running again this year. ^^;;;; No one can resist the "eye" unless a family member is dying, or you are dying. o_o;

...yeah, anyways. Classes this year aren't so bad. I'm in Ecology instead of Trigonometry. o_o;; I didn't like being in Algebra 2 last year. I struggled pretty bad. It'll just screw up my grades as well to get in Trig, so I just took Ecology.

blah, talking about classes isn't fun. I may change the update day for FEYES, or just do a once a week thing, depending on how much work I get this year. ^^;;; ...well I shouldn't be saying that cuz there's people that are in higher grades than me and still get their school work and comic pages done. ^^;;;
9:21 PM