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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Sunday, August 26, 2001:

...and dammit, no i haven't quit out on my comic yet. ^^; I just need some fooking time where I can sit and draw for a straight 2 hours or so without having to be interuppted by homework, school, or involuntary naps. ^^;
11:32 PM

I helped Mom all day today. She decided on the name, "Kelly's." It's her English name. ^_^;;; I made the logos for her menus and the banner as well. She opens her restaurant in 2 days. Strangely enough, people who walk by the half-finished restaurant, gaze inside the semi transparent windows as they walk by. A person today walked in anxiously and wanted to eat, even tho we weren't open yet. ^^; I guess that a good thing? I did a lot of wiping of windows, washing of kitchenware, moving tables, and etc.

I didn't make it today's community service, or my another friend's "goodbye party." @__@; I also have a shiz load of homework to do. So... I think I'll be up late tonight, so if you catch me online, drop me a line? I would appreciate that. ^^;;
11:11 PM