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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, October 06, 2001:

well fook, looks like there is something that ruins your fun even if you have a fast connection: HAVING NO 3D CARD. :P So much for Ragnarok Online. I enjoy reading the comics tho. Hurry up and make the next issue dammit. :P
10:30 PM

Wow, i was like dead for like...what, a month, huh? I wonder if anyone noticed? ^^; If you went to my site or this blog and thought I was dead or whatever, my bad. I got caught up with a whole load of stuff in RL.(OMG, here comes the "big excuse time"! O_O).

Well, after I posted that oekaki at (which was around the beginning of September), we finally moved out of our house. We sold it during summer vacation and we were scheduled to move around then. Well, the thing was, I had a problem with my internet connection. You see, just about everyone in Korea uses an ADSL modem/Cable Connection. I moved from a regular house to an apartment, and in the apartment, everyone uses one certain ADSL service. They wouldn't let me set up the cable connection I was using at my old house. So.... I registered for ADSL. But being a "popular" connection, I took just about 4 weeks to get the damn thing into my house. @__@;

As for art and FEYES, I got extremely side tracked from school work and I barely got any stuff done. I do have a whole bunch of preliminary sketches for the comic pages, but nothing final. I shall get back to work on that soon, as soon as I get my site up again. I got a domain with 2 other friends, so I shall move to my "own" domain soon. Yay. Korean domains are pretty cheap since manymanymany people use/emphasize personal domains in Korea.

Damn, I had so much to rant about when I had no internet, but now I can't think of anything I wanted to say those past weeks. O_o; I forgot how to use Netscape and IE. I almost forgot the blogger Log-In password. Whoo hoo... o_o;

...anyone miss me?
8:48 PM