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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Tuesday, October 09, 2001:

Mr. Yujoon saw like 25~26 episodes of Inuyasha while he no net access. My friend burned the eps on a CD and I watched them like crazy. Made me forget about Naruto for a while it did. ^^; At first it seems really cliche but then it keeps getting more and more interesting as you watch it, or something. The theme songs are really nice too. I heard the opening theme was number one on japanese charts for a while... i think. o_o; Or so says my friend.

I must watch more because Sango-chan was introduced into the series in the lastest ep I saw. :D Crazy boomerang girl. Whoooo~~~
11:26 PM

I just woke up from a 4 hour nap. I was tired. ^^;; I need some food because I didn't get to eat lunch or I would've been late to the student council meeting. So technically I haven't ate anything yet today. Blargh, how rare.
10:03 PM

Our school's first quarter is almost coming to a close. So this week would be probably the last week to spiff up your grades at the last minute, and also the time where all them screwy projects are due and when teachers mindelessly give you tests. Well, maybe not totally mindlessly. It just seems pretty mindless and chaotic because of the students that go paranoid and semi-delrious because of tests.

Anywho, I have a government test tomorrow (er.. today O_o;) on US Gov. It may be kinda hard because I fell asleep during one of the important note sessions. Heh heh. o_o; I replaced the missing notes from other friends, but it's just not the same if you don't listen and understand the discussion and take the notes on your own. Or something. But then again, it's all review because of US history class from last year and etc. So.... whatever. o_o;;

I think I want a Live Journal. They are uhm... cute? o_O;;
12:07 AM

Sunday, October 07, 2001:

Well, Ragnarok itself is originally a comic made by a Korean dude (er.. yeah. ^^;) and it's pretty popular over here. I guess the artist felt all badass by now decided to make a semi-FFT ripoff online RPG. :P I mean seriously, look the design for the female merchant, it's an FFT chemist. @__@

...but anywho, I can't seem to play it on my comp because of my graphic card. Phooey. Strange, cuz Diablo 2 works just fine. o_O;
8:24 PM