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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Wednesday, October 17, 2001:

[10/17/2001 6:43:18 PM | jun jun]
Back from school.... I forgot it was my birthday when I woke up this morning, around 6:40. I met like 7 or so friends from my school on the subway ride, and they said "Happy Birthday." I was like "oh yeah." Got really surprised when I got into class though. Some friends gave presents as if they had it ready for me as soon as I came in. I felt kinda bad... I was forgetting about my birthday, but they remembered and had presents ready... ^^;;; One person bought cake... so we had cake during class. The art teacher that I didn't like much had cake ready for me too o_o;;; I felt really bad after that... @_@; Girls bought me flowers during lunch with a note saying sorry they didn't get me a "real" gift. ^^;;; I didn't mind of course... atleast they showed they cared.

Something I remembered during the subway ride... One of my friend's boyfriend asked how old I would turn... 16 it is. After I answered:

Guy: "So... sweet sixteen for Yujoon huh? Kyakya..."
Me: "...isn't that for girls? ^^;;;;"
Girlfriend: "yep yep... ^^;;"

...^^;;; Thanks for all the birthday greetings people, RL and on the net, you really made my day. ^_^

6:10 PM

Well, I'm 16 now. I'm not yet in other countries, cuz I live in the future, nuahaha. I dunno. Did that make any sense at all? o_o; Lookit the time, I should sleep. I hope I don't get bday beat downs or anything during school. HAHAHAHA.. o_o;;
2:43 AM

Monday, October 15, 2001:

I wonder if i will get affected by anthrax from the mailed PSATs tomorrow...? o_o;

8:35 PM

I keep forgetting it's October or it's my birthday on Wednesday, even tho people at SCHOOL (o_O;) remind me it's coming. When they tell me it's October, I remember it's also tengu's birthday soon too. Today was one of my friend's birthday. On my birthday is also Tep Ando's birthday, who I have not seen in ages. o_O; His site went down like 2 years ago, and I can't get contact with him anymore. Bleh. Tomorrow, we take PSATs. Bleh. I got a 97 on the goverment test I studied for last week. Yay. I got a 100 on the World Lit Essay. Whoo. I should shut up soon because i'm being more incoherent than i normally am. ^^;;

Something I finally CGed over the weekend - o_8's Umbrellachan.
It's for the dude that runs Pug's Pub. His designs are really creative. I should get around sending it to him before I forget. O_o;
7:56 PM