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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Tuesday, June 04, 2002:

korea's first match in the 2002 world cup: Korea vs. Poland. 2 - 0. Good job Korea, you fought well and made us proud. ^o^.

Now i'm going to be uber-trendy and get me a Ahn Jung Han uniform or a "Let's Be Reds" T-Shirt. :o
11:49 PM

Hrm, I'm free now. Free from school. For a nice interval of 2 months. Whoo. Today was the official last day of school, but i skipped yesterday's awards. Nyakyakya, i'm so evil. :o

It was boring as hell though. I dunno why, but like it think it was because no one seemed excited that school was over. So it put me down too a bit i guess. :/

so bored bored bored.
7:00 PM

Monday, June 03, 2002:

Many people probably don't know, but there was an official PS2 release in Korea about 2~3 months ago. It was pretty successful, along with all the titles that were rereleased. Well, square/ea announced a Korean version of FFX:International last month or so, and for the theme song, Mr. Uematsu chose a famous korean music artist (Lee Soo Young, though this name will mean nothing to many people ^^;) to sing it. *is a Lee Soo Young fan :o*
Apparently, there was a launch party held in Korea with a square representative, ea representative, Mr. Uematsu, and Lee Soo Young over here. I was able to see realvideo files of the party/meeting/interviews etc.

The song fit Lee Soo Young's style/voice well, and I htink she did a overall good job. ^o^ IMHO, Lee Soo Young did a much better job than Rikki. After hearing the FF:Concert songs, I had bad impressions of her. :/ She really sounded like she wanted to stay in bed in those.

They also had cosplayers there. :o Rikku was cute. Tidus was, uhm wow. The cosplayer of Tidus just jumped out on stage and started break dancing. It was weird. :o

Uhm, if anyone wants to see it here's the link. Though, this whole post is meaningless to most people and 97% of the interview is in Korean/Japanese anyways... so, bleh. I dunno, go look at the pics I guess. :P
10:50 PM

Sunday, June 02, 2002:

I'm Aya!

Which Parasite Eve Character are you?

by Tera

jesus. :o
3:22 PM