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give me water - no, not old crackers - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Thursday, August 01, 2002:

i wonder... if it's a disease or a sickness to be over the point your physical appearance doesn't change for years and you dwell in the past events and think that's the natural default of your life.

Hrm? Nope, I'm not talking about myself, but this is something I have observed in a person i know well. :o

9:13 PM

All my summer days this year start around 2:00 pm. They usually end around 7:00 am. What a fsked up sleeping habit. ^^;

Ten minutes after my day started, my friend came over and told me to wake up through the open room window. I remembered that he was going to go buy some clothes today and I was supposed to go with him. I also noticed that I fell asleep with my computer left on and the winamp mp3s running in an infinite repeat. Whee. But other than the shopping trip, my "day" has been very unproductive so far.

Last night, I finished the first part of "The Stranger." I really like it despite the character's natural weirdness and semi-apathy. I think that's what makes it fun. Somehow, it reminds me of Fight Club. Or maybe I'm just a freak.
9:09 PM

Because I'm meaner than most people think, it's super-uber-incoherent-funny-maxiumus-maybeminimus-RL Event Time! Whee. This is something I heard from my friend.

It was around when "Devil May Cry" was still being Previewed in Magazines.
*AnonPerson runs in the room*
Yuj's Friend: Hey.
Anon: Hey. I got more news for that one game Devil May Cry.
Yuj's Friend: Oh really. What'd you hear?
Anon: The main character's name. You know how you told me it was "Dahn-Tey?" Well it's not, it's "Daint."
Yuj's Friend: it spelled D-A-N-T-E?
Anon: Yeah, "Daint."
Yuj's Friend: It's "Dahn-Tey." -_-;;

5:24 AM

Wednesday, July 31, 2002:

I met up with my friend today and went to Kyobo, a gigantic book store in the middle of Seoul. Everybody goes there to buy books of all sorts. Cooking, Language, comp techy stuff, comics, and stuff. It's just a shame they catagorize Comics into the children's section. It pisses me off. Everytime I go there to buy a volume of manga, i have to rummage through a pack of meddling whining hyena spawns and their naggy parents.

But anywho, I bought Naruto Volume 12 and The Stranger by Camus for my summer AP assignment. Being the major procrastinator I am, I only read one of the 4 books and didn't do any of the 2 page reports/chapter-interval journals for any of them. Less than two weeks left to finish them, wheee. But mr.hyunwoo, being the hardcore (not really :o) reader he is, suggested some short and good titles for me to read, including The Stranger. So I guess I will have a much more enjoyable procrastination session.

Now I am listening to a whole bunch of CDs my friend bought. You see, last week, somehow the Red Hot Chili Peppers decided to come to Korea and do a concert, which is really surprising maximus. So 4 of us, including me, went. Well RHCP were the main attraction, but there were also some korean bands i really liked so I also went for them too. My friend went for RHCP mostly, but he liked the korean rock he heard and went on and bought all the albums of the korean bands that played there. Teehee. :o But yeah, the concert was wicked. The crowd was crazy too. My first rock concert too. Whoo.
7:57 PM

i think i will add links later. and never the archives. because i never found out how to work them. gyarhar har har har. :o
8:20 AM

New blog layout. Gyarhahrharhar. My eyes hurt now so leave me alone..? :O That's the Fight Club flight-card on the left if you were wondering.
8:07 AM