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give me water - no, not old crackers - oops, midair collision - bail out?


i have a livejournal account now, thanks to tengu. :3 uhm, don't be too frightened if when there's a new username in the friendlist thingy. :o
6:30 PM


ugh, i'm so careless.

time for some more coffee and lolita C. nrr. :/
11:27 PM

i feel bad for not posting here too much. all my thoughts gathered up during the day kind of just dissipate when i arrive home, and i forget about this journal in the process. i suppose it doesn't really matter, since not too many people probably want to hear my jibber-jabber, nyakyakya.

i'm getting remotivated and less overwhelmed by everything, so i think i'll get back to homepaging and journaling soon. (hopefully). i'm think i'm slowing falling for the seduction of live journals. but i lack a live journal code, so bwahahaha. cat design-oriented coffee mug's handle is in a shape of a cat paw. (....)
11:13 PM


omg, it's my birthday. ...and i'm staying up doing hw, lol. :o
2:27 AM


Hrm, I haven't wrote in this thing for a bit. Everything's going by so fast nowadays. Even school. Wow.

I've been drawing girls a lot lately, so I decided to doodle a zombified looking guy in a white suit. Hrm. Suxx0rz. I need practice, bigtime.

I think I'm going to get addicted to internet shopping.
9:37 PM