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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, December 16, 2000:

kek, i haven't blogged(O_o) in a while. I was mostly sleeping these past days tho. I'm so tired from all them finals. I'm glad they're all over and winter break has started.

I gotta get around cleaning my room. Everywhere i step, i hear *crunch* *crack* *rustle* etc... O_o; I also need to get a haircut... my hair's getting kinda too long in the front now @_@ can't see sometimes when i move around O_o;
9:27 PM

Monday, December 11, 2000:

that's right~~ u read that right, it's about 2:00 am... and I'm studying for the US history exam O_o; I think i'm one of the craziest people in our school. I'm takin' a quick break right now. I dun think this exam will be too hard tho, except for the stupid stuff to memorize(preamble, declaration of independence @_@). I've always hated memorizing and reciting stuff, etc. Oh well ^^; Wish me luck (so i dun fall asleep during the exam ^___^;).
2:09 AM

Sunday, December 10, 2000:

Hm... maybe i should get that scanner hooked up now... i dun feel like studying for the exams right now..... I know most of the stuff anyways.... i think O_o;. And... i need to think of a layout for this thing(and my site). I dun like it ^^;.
8:45 PM

Ooh~ Kendra's online comic, 'Bordem Taste's Like Chocolate' is getting more interesting now. The story plot is building up more and it's getting more dark and mysterious and stuff. ^^; Yeah, yeah i liked the senseless and weird humor too (flax trying to kill braden by feeding him pie and ant racing). I hope these things come back, cuz it seems like the mood the story is gonna be serious for a long time now. ^_^;

Kristen's new blog layout is so~~~ cute ^^, especially the loan and teo pic XD.
8:28 PM