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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, January 06, 2001:

Oooooookay screw the new layout O_o;;.
I thought this was going to work out, but when I made the title image map, i didn't like it. I'll think of a better layout before I do anything again, or I'll just update from the same old layout one more time or something. But i dun think this matters cuz i dun think anyone really cares if the layout changes or not ^^;.

Dammit, all the new layouts I make are ghetto. what the ghetto.... o_o;
8:08 PM

Hm.... school is starting again soon. That's kind of a good thing, i have a lot more to blog about then. A LOT happens at school..... well to me atleast. That doesn't mean I'm looking forwards to school tho.... i mean who is? O_o;

It's weird, at school, it feels like I'm the only psycho one there. No one really says anything about me either. I hang around w/ a lot of "normal" people and they dun consider me crazy. Eh. Jeez what the hell am I talking about? O_o; Maybe this is why I consider my self psycho. Maybe it's just that I do too many of "o_O", "o_o", and "O_O." Who knows.

nevermind O_O;

I'm working on the new site layout. I got it all organized in my little notebook. I'll probably start on the real thing after like an hour or so. So....... if I get off my lazy bum and work all today, it'll probably be up by tomorrow. Eh right, in a cold day in hell.....mumblemumble...
1:38 PM

.....or anything that has a nice guitar-y effect in it o_O;
1:22 PM

ah.... the best thing to do for me when i'm semi-stressed is to sit down, put on the headphones, pump up the volume and put on some fast-paced, loud, crazy ROCK~!! O_o;;

yes i'm semi-stressed right now ^^;
1:15 PM

Wednesday, January 03, 2001:

i am tired of killing eyegoos in bof4
damn u teepo o_o


ow, my lip is bleeding.
10:08 PM

I beat Breath of Fire IV... actually i beat it this morning (2 AM) O_o. The ending was.......well.... kinda disappointing, like Breath of Fire III. But maybe not as much as BOF3 tho. I really enjoyed the game tho, although i did beat it pretty fast. I think it took me about a week (o_o). The last time i worked on a PSX RPG this hard was probably Grandia. ^_^
1:41 PM

Monday, January 01, 2001:

whoo hoo~ happy new years..... or something.
12:01 AM

Sunday, December 31, 2000:

hm, now i'll kill these last 2~3 mins listening to "Yume wa Owaranai kobore." o_O;
kisu kisu kisu~~ o_o;

11:58 PM

10 minutes...? o_o
11:50 PM

there's just about 20 mins left of the new year over here.
jeez this year went by pretty fast, well for me atleast.

11:40 PM

new years eve~
my posts are getting lamer everytime o_o

12:13 PM