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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, January 27, 2001:

I kinda editted the Stan pic below. It looks more dark now. Hahahahha, kyahahahaha~ O_o;
1:41 PM

Friday, January 26, 2001:

I like saying "ghetto" now. o_O;;; .............whaaat the ghetto~
11:36 PM

I dun really feel alive anymore. Yeh, RL-wise mostly, and a bit on the net. I dunno, things are just not what they used to be or something. O_o

Drawing at school is freaking hard. I draw something, then one of my friends draws a little "indo dot" w/ pen on the guy's/gal's forehead. ^_^;; Then into the trash the pic goes~

I seriously wonder if anyone reads this junk. You kno, I could be just rambling on for week and no one would care. ^^;;;
11:34 PM

Thursday, January 25, 2001:

I wonder if anyone will be sorry when I'm gone? Maybe the creature from above will. Will they leave roses by the stairs if they do?

Can anyone tell i've been listening to Blink182? ^_^;;
8:12 PM

O_o; I'm playing starcraft /w my friend from school now. I must be really bored. O_O;
4:37 PM

Wednesday, January 24, 2001:

Felt like posting~

The dude from "The Devil and I" - I heard about this from Kristen's oekaki, so I checked the reviews out. Dude, this is like freaky, psycho, but also cute. O_o; The main guy's eyes look like they're gonna pock outta their sockets any minute. In this pic tho, I drew him w/o the PPG eyes, instead I drew blank looking eyes. ^^; This is a bad scan tho, I may scan again.... o_o
8:31 PM

Monday, January 22, 2001:

Now jamming to: Houshin Engi ED - Friends

Mmmm... a nice song~ Too bad not all "friends" in the world can be sweet as this song. Eh, yeah, I'm gonna try to get a little serious here. If you dun wanna hear Mr. Psycho Yujoon babble and become semi-serious all of a sudden, just ignore this crap.

So what the hell is a friend anways? Is it an ally? Is it a soul-mate? Or is it even a companion? ('Pan' would be french for bread, so maybe a person u share your time with a nice piece of bread, even?) I dunno, but I think the best friend would have all of these qualities, a little by little. What pisses me off is when a so called friend has an 'on and off switch' for these characteristics.

When you move from a good school, to the most ghetto school you can get, you get a really different way of thinking about stuff, such as making friends. Yeah sure, there are some bad friends no matter where you go, but jeez, this place I go to now is just plain messed up. If you have food, *click* the "I'm your friend Yujoon" switch goes on. When u run out, *click* the switch goes off. Ghetto. Jeez, I don't even want to mention money. Lots of people are really selfish and dun give a damn about anyone else.

I really hate being used too. It's like I've been used so many times, I'm almost F-ing used to it. Jeez, when the hell is their damn on-off switch gonna wear off?

When I was in elementary, I could basically trust every friend I made. They had the 3 characteristics all the time and didn't try to use me into things. Now I'm in 10th grade, jeeez things are freaking different. Of course, I can't find out what the hell the friends think about me. I claim I'm psycho, but i'm not PSYCHIC. I really wonder if the people I consider a true friend will flick the switch on day... Maybe I'll be wrong about whatever I thought about them the whole time....

Hell, I'm not even sure who considers me as a friend. Online, RL, whatever. O_o; Of course I trust some that have been around me for a while, but there was thing case where we had to go a school sports thingy to one of my old schools. I met the guy that was friends with me since Kindergarten. I gave a hi, but he didn't seem to remember me and when he did, he was just like "oh, 'ey." Damn, did I feel freaking neglected.

Uhm I think I should shut the hell up now. o_O

8:17 PM

Krisu's new layout is cool~! It's BLUE~! Kyakyakya.
7:54 PM

a quick blog before I take a shower and go to school O_o, gyahh~~~.

I'm so wasteeeeeeed...... too many games last week.....(B-Ball that is ^^;;) Well, the good thing was we missed a bunch of school. XD kyakyakya~ Since we have block scheduling, we got lucky and only had one period of literature all last week. *double kyakyakya~* And this week, we only have on period of lit again, because after today, we have a 3 day vacation cuz it's Lunar New Year's. *triple kyakyakya* Eh... but I think we're gonna have a lot of work today.... we still got that bitchy sub that's in for our history teacher that's gonna be gone for another 2 weeks......
6:21 AM