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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Friday, February 02, 2001:

Pic posting time..... These are from school ^^;;;

Ashton Taking a Break - I thought yuyu would like it, so i doodled it O_o; too bad it's on lined paper tho. X_X;

Kisu~ - My original, Tracy (made around the same time as Claude) blowing a kiss? O_o;;
8:53 PM

DAMMIT!! WTF is w/ this? Jeez, why the hell is Sega going down? I thought my friend was jokin' when he was talkin' about "Sega being Sony's bitch." o_O Man, SCREW PS2. I wasn't ever really thinking of getting it, but now I dun want it period.

What a bunch of ghetto bull... O_o;
8:27 PM

...playin' star again... O_o;;
jeez i must be freakin' bored.

3:49 PM

Thursday, February 01, 2001:

nah, i haven't played ff9 but i like Eiko so, eh. O_o;
9:54 PM

Tuesday, January 30, 2001:

...and yeah, I'm Likachan's Oniichan and Krisu's otouto now O_O;;; Since when? ^^; In Korean I would be Likachan's Oppa, and Krisu's Nam-Dongsang. O_o;; Nam being male, and Dongsang being youngersibling etc.. O_o;;

That was Jun's korean talk tip of the year O_o;;;;
8:16 PM

I can't believe I drew crap scary as this O_o;; *Influenced from the song "Momentary Life" from Guilty Gear X* Gogo hardcore metal~ O_o;

I dunno, I felt like posting an original for once. I have a whole bunch too, story ideas and junk from long time ago and new creations, but I dun get around talkin' bout them and stuff. It's strange, on oekaki, I usually do fanart ^^;

This sucker is Claude. Yeh, this is where I get my SN from, this dude. ^^; I created him around the end of 6th (O_O;) grade. That'd be around 97 i think. I was taking french back then, and I needed to name him, so i was like "uhm...... CLAUDE!" O_o; He would be like the main guy of the little story line i've kept in my head from then too ^^;;

Out of all the chars i created, he's the one that the least big changes. From them 4 years, I only changed this hair and jacket a bit O_o;;;

Back then his attitude and stuff was more like ur average "I'm dumb and I only like to travel and stuff" hero, but as time passed, I'm basing the guy more on my self O_O;

I'll try to post more of my originals w/ more detail, b ut doing fanart for people and stuff is fun too ^_^
8:02 PM

-_-;;; Oookay, i have a bad feeling that the oekaki may go down again. It's them people that dun follow the rules that mess stuff up. If ur bored and you absolutely need to draw a pic w/ obnoxious "wazzup" crap, do it on ur own time on MS Paint or something. Jeez O_o;;
2:25 AM

Monday, January 29, 2001:

are u back up now blarger? kyakyakya O_o;
1:43 AM

Sunday, January 28, 2001:

Learning is fun, but teaching is a PAIN~
pain, dun dun dun dun~

1:05 AM

I need an umbrella~!!! "But Jun, you're inside the house O_o;" ................okie, I need an umbrella. "You're inside the freaking house~!!! O_O;;" Dammit just give a stupid umbrella~!

Oh my GOD what the hell am I talking about?? O_O;;;
I guess that's what I get for taking 3 naps today.

12:54 AM

I'm feeling like Jessie now.
I want FOOD~! Actually, I think I sound more like Coapi now. O_o;;;;


Now I shall wallpaper the wall w/ the word "FOOD."
12:52 AM

why does everything look so...............different?
12:46 AM

AUGH, what is going on~?!

12:44 AM