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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Tuesday, February 06, 2001:

Right now i'm in a restaurant i always eat in, typing this O_o;;
I must be really bored.
What the hell is a computer doing in a restaurant? I have no clue O_o;

12:16 PM

Monday, February 05, 2001:

.......some beautiful morning eh? O_O;;
9:47 PM

I had one funky dream last night, or actually around 2 am this morning.

It started out w/ me and my old friends from the other old school I used to go to. This was a good thing cuz iRL, i haven't been able to speak w/ my old friends for a while now. We were just chilling outside and talking, but then a black car pulls up. A tall bald man w/ sunglasses comes out of the car. (Rude? o_O) He quickly rusheds towards me, grabs me and throws me into the car. o_O;

We are on the road, driving for about 30 minutes, and the dude never said a thing to me. So I was thinking, "what the ghetto is going on??? O_o;" Then all of a sudden, the bald dude, flips off his sunglasses and stares back at me looking really pissed. He takes out a knife, and stabs me. O_O;; The car was stopped, so with all the strength i have left, I ran out of the car. Since I was stabbed, my crosscountry/sprinting skills were no use. The sucker caught up w/ me and tackled me. He stabbed me for about 30 secs or so. Then he said something like, "Now for the back boy~~!!!" O_O;; After that, like he said, I was getting pierced in the back.

Everything was going dark and crap and I could see blood spewing everywhere. At that time, I thought "eh... it's all over, I'm dying." Then I woke up. o_O; I had cold sweat dripping and I was breathing hard. It scared the crap outta me dammit.

The moral? Hell, if I knew what the moral was, maybe I wouldn't be even typing this up. O_o; ......or maybe it's cuz I was playing FF7 for some reason the other day cuz i was really bored. o_O;
9:46 PM