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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Sunday, March 11, 2001:


oglops....... x_x
.......and odin X_X "hahahaha" o_o;;
6:02 PM

........a weapon for me is a Great Sword. It makes sense tho cuz i LOVE big swords. o_O;
5:59 PM

......then again, u can 9999 w/ Quina too. O_o; Kaeru Otoshi~~~~.... Quina's pretty messed up, but I seem to like s/he, it (whutever) more than i used to. I was pretty amused when it came up from the bottom the "Invincible" tho. Trying to eat the gigantic eye..... o_o;
5:57 PM

who can not like Freya? She has a good background story(although it wasn't explained too much), cool personality, and can beat up Zidane..... or something j/k. She's up there w/ Beatrix as my fav chars for ff9. O_o;

You gotta love Dragon's Crest. 9999 baby~ O_o;
5:53 PM

.....all i have to say is tho, Garnet's real name is lame. ^^;
5:48 PM

o_O; jeez i've been playin' too much ff9 today.
5:47 PM