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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Thursday, March 22, 2001:

Now Jammin' to - Pachebel, Canon in D Techno Remix

Whoo hoo~ O_o;
10:41 PM

oh jeez.... the DDR version of "Have You Never Been Mellow" and the original 70's version is SO~~ different. ^^;;;;;
10:07 PM

I don't think should think gettin' blogvoices is a "copycat" fad. It's pretty convienent and it saves time from shouting from blog to blog. ^^;
7:49 PM

yep, I got one of them funky blogvoices. If you care to comment on my posts, jes click on the link next to the time. O_o;
7:05 PM

Tuesday, March 20, 2001:

I thought It'd be an appropriate time to pull this out again~ O_o;

Bring it TRIPOD~~~!! Kyahahahaha~~ o_O;
12:26 AM

Monday, March 19, 2001:

Something i doodled at school today....

Human Vivi Pen Sketch - fire~~ O_o;
8:09 PM

i seriously wonder why people like kristen or PK got kicked off of tripod..... people that suck like me should get kicked off, dammit, not them... O_o;

tripod probably skipped off my site since no one comes and it sucks.... ^_^;;
7:11 PM

you might as well kill me off too O_o;;
1:23 AM

Ooookay, Tripod. Bring it on~ O_o;;
1:21 AM

Sunday, March 18, 2001:

Is it jes me, or is Tripod majorly screwing up on some sites? O_o;
I can't seem to get into some sites/blogs that are hosted by tripod.

Well, it dun seem I'm the only one cuz i read on the BBS i goto all
the time and someone there said the same thing too. O_o;

6:22 PM

hm... I really need to update my links. O_o; There' s sites not even up anymore and redirected addresses and sites i dun even visit anymore. O_o;;;
5:46 PM

jeez, Krisu's new layout is so pretty. ^_^ The photos really go well in background w/ the text and stuff. ^^
5:43 PM

kek, i'm back from my soccer trip.
5:41 PM