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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, March 31, 2001:

Hm... it's strange. When I wake up from a somewhat good dream, the next second I can't remember what happened in it. When I have some scary sadistic nightmare, it haunts me the whole freakin' day. O_o

.........uh yeah i took a nap BTW. ^^;
6:51 PM

Hrm.... I haven't oekaki-ed anything on the new Oekaki. O_o; I feel left out, or something.
9:51 AM

Hm..... I'm kinda back now. I haven't blogged in a while, eh? O_o; I had to get over something... or something. Not too much happened this week... 4th quarter is always so boring.

My friend leaves today (the one who did the shoutcast broadcast). I guess we were pretty good friends. If we'd catch either online, we'd play a game or two and stuff. There were so many good times... I hope he doesn't forget us and stuff, like all my friends from my old schools. o_o;

whoa, i got a response from a letter I wrote from one of the families I stayed w/ in Obihiro, Japan. This is like whut, the second time in my life I get a letter from someone? O_o; Well, then again, I hardly ever write any letters so I guess that makes sense. There was some little english on the letter, then a crap load of Kanji's I could not read. ^^; I had to get my teach to read it to me.

Jeez, it's been a month since I updated my site. O_o;;; I guess I'll try to soon, but I dun really have any good things I could post up. I've been only doing messed up sketches this whole month.
9:47 AM

Monday, March 26, 2001:

Right now, I'm listening to my friend in school's radio broadcast on winamp.... This is SO~~ funny... ^^;;;
12:35 AM

Sunday, March 25, 2001:

Jeez, time flies when you clean up your account that hasn't been cleaned up in like, whut 3 years? O_o;

My available space went up like, 5 megs. ^^;;;

Now Jammin' to - Dragon Ash, Grateful Days
Mic check one two~

11:18 PM

Kyakya.... getting SO2 mangas reminds me of this one time... I was in this comic shop looking for SO2 mangas like everywhere. I jes felt like gettin' them and stuff. I asked one of the ladies there, "Do you have Star Ocean?" She looked at me like she didn't know what I was talking about. ^^; So she asked one of the other workers there, and they didn't know either. O_o;

We looked for about 5 more mins, then the worker lady finally gets kinda ticked and turns to me and says loudly:



The next second everyone at the store was staring at me and eye-ing me.
9:53 PM

Kek... i couldn't wait, so i beat FFIX. Kyakyakya O_o; I will get all them misc stuff like the chocographs, ultimate weapons, kill Ozma(sp?), etc.. later. Mwahahahaah~ ^^; Some thoughts on the ending... I guess I might reveal stuff that can be spoilers so dun read on if you haven't beat it for some reason. ^^;;

[ending talk]

Heh... the way Zidane came back and stuff with the endless darkness..... crapola, it was just like how I came up with how I was going to end my original story (that's cooped up in my head) a LONG time ago. ^_^;; What to do, what to do....

That ugly Death Guise(sp?).... isn't it supposed to be 'Death Gaze' like the dude, in FFVI? That's how it was pronounced in my Korean/Japanese Translation..... give me a hand all you FF fanatics.... ^^;

It may be just be me, but Necron was the easiest/dumbest Final Boss in FF history... O_o; Well maybe it was pretty cheap with its stupid Grand Cross attack, but after you survived that, couple of Dragon's Crests killed him/her/it. O_o; what happnes to Kuja?

How the hell did Vivi get so many kids??? O_o; Was Vivi actually there in Alexandria? ^^;;

Wasn't it so obvious that it was Zidane under the cloak? ^^

Beatrix is really pretty in CG/FMV~ ^_^; ............but Steiner gets in the way too much O_o;; Stupid stupid tin man.

I enjoyed the Black Jack game in the end. Mwahaahahaha.....

[/ending talk]

9:35 PM

gyah~~~ Angie is making me want to play BoF4 again..... But I gotta finish FFIX~~~~ but i dun want to really finish it.... I want to mess around more on it before I beat it. It's too short ^^;;;
2:48 AM

...........or all this loud trance and rock music.
2:31 AM

I'm surprised that I'm still up after that soccer trip. O_o; Must be all them cans of coke.
2:30 AM