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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, April 14, 2001:

O_O; augh. It's already Saturday Night?? What the hell have I been doing all week?!
11:43 PM

Wednesday, April 11, 2001:

AUGH (again). I heard the voices for the English voices of Valkyrie Profile recently... (good God.) Yeah, I own/play the Japanese version. What the hell have they done w/ the voices??? O_O;;; Especially Lawfer... jeez.... o_O; They made him sound like some extremely chivalrious french guy. (sorry if I sound some what stereo-typed). He has like one the coolest voices in the Japanese version and kicks some major ass too. But when I saw my friend play as Lawfer in that French voice, he didn't seem too strong. O_o;

I must complain about Lezard too. o_O; He sounds pretty evil(nyahahaha XD) w/ the Japanese Voice. But in English, I dunno, he sounds like a wimp. I guess voice acting can really change the my attitude towards the characters. o_O;

ȥڼŸ°Ű.... Ѥ;; Kyahahaahahaha. o_O;
11:58 PM

AUGH, I can't believe I still didn't update some people's blogs.... although I manage to read them all the time somehow. O_o;
11:50 PM

Yes, it is. ^_^ Frustrationness, ghettoness, psychadelicness, coca-colaness, screwedupphoneness....... o_O *psycho........ness*
11:49 PM

Hm.. i got some new games: Dera(o_O?) Jet Set Radio, PSO, and Persona 2. I've played JSR and PSO so far. I dun see too many different things about the first JSR and this new version at all. O_o;

Uhm.. and I think PSO is pretty cool, but the thing is, I buy copied versions of games usually, cuz I'm poor, so no serial number for me = no online playing. (Yeah, yeah, come and get me u piracy cops ^___^) ...jeez, don't look at me like that, it's not like I'm some piracy freak. ^^; I don't have much access to original copies of games since I don't have access to the military base anymore. (Stupid family probs o_o;). I guess this explains how I get so many games all at once sometimes...? o_O;; So.. I'm getting the original version of it soon.

I didn't try Persona yet, but I will very soon. Ulalalallalalaala~ ......o_O;

That was a lot of 'o_o's. o_O;
11:42 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2001:

hurrah... it's day 2 of this lame-o spring break... o_o Where is everybody???? I mean, seriously. ^_^; Drop me a line~~~ o_O;
10:07 AM

Monday, April 09, 2001:

Now Jammin' to - The Pillows (Furi Kuri), Happy Bivouac

Ah.. yes, I like this funky beat and loud guitar effects. o_o; Go download it now~! Hm... strange, I've listened to just about all the Furi Kuri songs, but I haven't seen a bit of the anime. O_O;;
2:12 PM

AUGH, what to do... what to do...
2:03 PM

I guess this is what you get when most of the people you talk to online lives on the other side of the world... kyakya o_O;; Most of my other RL friends are out there doing something else, going on trips, etc... Blargh.
1:59 PM

This is turning out to be one of the most Spring Breaks I ever had......... and it's only the first day dammit~! O_o;
1:58 PM

Weird.... when I look into my tripod account, on the traffic section it says "You had 120 visits yesterday" and etc.. usually.... But most of the time when I check my counter, It goes up like what 5~6? O_o;

Stupid tripod.
1:52 PM

Sunday, April 08, 2001:

oh yeah, one more thing:

SPRING BREAK~~!! ...........o_o;
11:16 AM

I couldn't blog yesterday, I came back from my old friend's birthday party. O_O;; I was wasted from staying up all night. It seems that he scored a PS2 while I haven't seen him in a while. The game that he got were pretty good, it wasn't them stupid games w/ just good graphics and horrible gameplay (theBouncercoughcough) like most of them new PS2 games are.

I still DON'T regret getting a Dreamcast though. *hugs Dreamcast* o_O
11:14 AM