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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, May 12, 2001:

Welp, all the people I rooted for were elected. Thank God. I could just imagine all the things the bratty girl would say if she won... our class would be in a mini-hell for a week. o_o;
9:42 AM

Thursday, May 10, 2001:

Jeez. I haven't written in this thing for a while. I was kept busy from schoolwork, and if I finished that, I would run off and either read a whole bunch of One Piece or some other mangas, or sleep. Tomorrow's the real election thingy. I hope the right person is chosen, or something.

I swear, some people(actually person) really wants to win this thing. Eh, yeah I'm talking about the same girl that's running for secretary i mentioned before. Nah, I don't really have a grudge against her, but I just don't like her attitude. When the other psycho/smart guy came into our class to campaign a little, he said all the stuff he could do if he was elected secretary, then a little question time was asked. The first question was asked by that girl and she goes, "What can you do that I can't do?" What the hell? o_O; Awfully conceited there...

Later, we(psycho guy and some friends that support him) were walking home, then the girl shows up. All off a sudden she blares, "JUST F**K YOU ALL!!" ....alrighty then. That was pretty strange cuz she's one of them people that keeps her outside image really clean, pure, model student-ish, etc...(not to mention she has 'princess disease') but that moment she just bursted out of her mask that hid her true, rude, conceited self.

I don't see why people have to destroy their reputation to get elected for this crap, but I never ran for this kind of thing so, eh.
6:37 PM

Sunday, May 06, 2001:

Hm, what have I been doing these past days? Watching FuriKuri and typing up the background stories of my characters for my comic. @_@ I used to keep the ideas in my head all the time, but later it's crammed with too many ideas and then I can't remember them all. *shrug* I have enough info done to make one chapter of the comic. o_O;

FuriKuri absolutely rocks. I am now a FLCL freak. Itadakimaaaaasu~~~!~!!~! *rides off on a Vespa, smashing everyone in the way with a guitar*

9:06 AM