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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Wednesday, May 23, 2001:

Yeah, I know I haven't been writing in here for a while.

oookay... there's like two weeks of school left. I got like 3 more regular tests tomorrow and friday, then there's the week of the finals. Whoo hoo, school's finally almost over.. I should make my summer plans early and don't regret not doing it (like every other of my summers).

We got our ghetto yearbooks yesterday. Good God, we had no student year book staff this year, it was all the teachers that put it together. As I expected, it came out really corney with a million errors. The person that made the layout must not kno how to use photoshop or whatever. The fill tool filled in many pics of people with white shirts on with the background color. o_o;

Whoa, my site's like near 3000 hits. Amazingness. Looks like i gotta do a thank you pic soon..?

Gyah... i've also noticed that blogvoices ain't workin'. I may just take it off for a while cuz it's script majorly slows down the pages (I mean as if blogger isn't slow enough). If it starts working again, I guess I could put it back on. let me go lay down for a while because my eyes hurt from taking photos of the sun, once again. o_X
9:04 PM