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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Wednesday, June 06, 2001:

Okay. I'm free now. Yay.
6:00 PM

Monday, June 04, 2001:

Well, all my exams are over. Thank God. I messed with my friend playing online games for about 3 hours after school. Jeez. I went home and took a good 2 hour nap. Yay. Other than the exams, I think it was a pretty good day. ^^;

I didn't turn in any of my books today. Why u ask? Well the I guess our school librarian loves flipping pages or something, cuz she checks EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN' PAGE to check for damages for pencil marks, damages, etc... well according to my friends. They say they had to wait like about and hour and 30 minutes for one guy. One of my friends waited in the long tedious line for about 2 hours. The bad thing was we had to empty out our lockers by today, so now all my books are at home. o_O;

I think we go to an amusement park as a final class field trip tomorrow. Honestly, I dun wanna go with all our class girls. We'll look like insane people.........I mean as if I'm not insane enough already... jeez. We saved up money for this trip in a empty pickle jar since like uhm... I dunno March? It's really full, but the problem is, it's 99% 10 WON (i think a little less than a dime?). So with the money right now, each one of us gets a 1000 WON (a little less than a dollar). Oh yeah, that really helps. We still gotta pay the other 9000 WON. o_o;

Designing that pickle jar was pretty amusing. Actually my friend did all of it.... and I'm not sure if I should say design. ^^; He sealed the bottle with tape. I think he used a whole roll to cover it. o_o; Most of the time during class, he makes fun of our homeroom teacher because of his big nose. So on the jar, he labled "Money for Mr. SOANDSO's Plastic Surgery." I dunno how much I cracked up after I saw him write it.

Right now, I'm listening to some shoutcast Winamp Radio broadcast, thanks to another good friend of mine. He urged me to listen to it, because the MC's voice is really cute or something. So I logged onto the server and heard, and she does sound pretty cute, but like abnormally cute. o_O; (Queer and cute, according to my friend). Right now, he's pretty hooked and become a raving fan. ^^;; It gave him another big mood boost when he heard that she's around the same age as him and me. Not that I really care. =P
9:57 PM

Sunday, June 03, 2001:

A 5 minute Pen Sketch. I dunno, my aunt came over today, and she brought some cake. I happened to have a pen and my sketchbook in my lap. I was thinking about people at school and stuff. End of story. o_O;

Yes, the hand is weird.
9:07 PM

Eh, strange.... all the posts between from last December to this March is all gone. *gasp* o_O; Stupid blarger.
3:50 PM

Hrm... I still think our house runs out of food too quick. Oh and for you ICS schoolers that read this: NO I did NOT delete the election crap posts out of fear... there's a little handy thing called archives. ~_^;
3:42 PM