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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, June 23, 2001:

Eeee.... I love the Sonic Adventure 2 soundtrack, especially Sonic's theme. I want I want...but I still think think the Sonic Team staff have been playing too much Jet Set Radio. o_o;;
12:51 AM

Friday, June 22, 2001:

Yujoon went into the kitchen to get some Coca Cola Classic. He noticed his aunt was in there.
"Hello." he said.
"Oh, you were here." she said.
"...uhm yes."
"Have a tangerine."
"No thanks, I just had dinner."
He started to walk out of the kitchen and as he took the last step out of the kitchen, he heard his aunt say one more thing:
"Can't you stop draggin' ur pants on the floor?" she nagged as she pointed at his pantlegs. "Aren't you hot? Go wear some shorts!"

Nothing really against my aunt, I love my aunt. She just is really NAGGY and PICKY most of the time about stupid things. o_o;
6:36 PM

Some people say I'm really quiet iRL. I didn't think so. But even the teachers said I was a pretty quiet guy. Maybe the reason I don't think I'm quiet is that I think so much that I only hear myself inside my head and makes it seem like I'm talking a lot (to myself)... or something. o_o;
2:36 PM

Thursday, June 21, 2001:

Okkay.... this new domain stuffies made me wanna doodle some MD characters..

Justine w/ Cliven's scarf - that'd be Amanda giving Cliven a noogie in the background. o_o;
12:08 PM

Justine is just adorable in color. XD
2:53 AM

Thanks a bunch, Angie. ^__^
2:51 AM

Wednesday, June 20, 2001:

Some crappy Karma Slave sketches. These were originally all on one page, but I decided to make them individual. o_o;

Yamari - Being smiley and stuff
King Sattva - On the sketchbook page, there's a rebel stick figure near him going "eep." o_o;
Sattva w/ a Keychain - I think she's my favorite character. Too bad she's not coming out anymore(?).
Kuruma o_o; - I am not a car. Uhm... I'll do a complete Kuruma next time. ^^;;

I don't know Lyn, but I've been stalkin' her blog for quite a while now and enjoy readin' KS. Hope she dun kill me for making crappy sketches of her characters... ^^;;
9:21 PM

I just realized my guitar doesn't have a name. o_o; I'm not good at naming inanimate things, or living things for that matter. A little help...? ^^;
4:23 PM

Tuesday, June 19, 2001:

Oookay.... I'm back. I was kinda dead for a while (Online-wise that is o_o). I have been doing so much crap iRL I didn't have time to blog and stuff. I guess it's been more than a week since posted anything? Bleh. Mind you this may be a long post:

The first week was somewhat fun. I think this is the only thing I really remember from the first week. O_o;; My cousin dragged me to go to this Animation Convention Festival thingy that happens every few months. (I was surprised we even had one in Korea o_O;;). She has actually been asking me to come for about month and I thought it'd be fun so I went. Anyways, it was my first time going to anything like that, so I was pretty scared. You'd be scared too when you walked into a big dome building full of people cosplaying as anime/game/etc.. characters. I didn't cosplay as anything, if you were wondering. My cousins were gonna make me be the child Chu-Oh from Housin Engi. o_o;; There were also many people that didn't cosplay as well. Good God it was freakin' hot in there. They had atleast 4 ACs pumping cold air in each corner so you could seek the corner for refuge from the heat, but when you got into the middle area where all the booths are, you die man. o_o;

My cousin cosplayed as something for "Sister Princess," some maid anime I've never heard of or something, and her sister came as some character from "Shaman King." Surprisingly many people asked the little sis to pose for a photo. She came with a Shaman King cosplay team too, but she was asked for many individual photos. My cousin on the other hand was saying something about only being able to take a photo with a little kid. O_o;; I managed to take some photos of some cool looking cosplayers:A One Piece Team (The Zorro guy was pretty cool), FF9 Team (Doesn't Eiko rule?), and Mononoke Hime. The Mononoke Hime also did some attacking pose that was pretty sweet, but I didn't ask for that so, eh. Notice the teams aren't facing the camera. The thing was, so many people were taking shots of them so I had to hurry and get a good picture before I'd be ran over by the crowd of other camera weilding people.

There was lots of crap to buy there from the doujinshi/accessory selling people. There were so many things to choose from and I had a hard time to choose where to spend my money on, but there was one booth that caught my eye, and I decided to buy all 9 of the character keychains they sold in that booth. Yeah, they'd be the characters from the Tales series. I think the Cless and Arche is very cute. o_O; After I bought this, I forgot about all the other crap I was gonna buy, and by that time, all the booth people went home. o_o;;

In the end, there was a stage performance and awards for the best cosplayers and etc.. We didn't stay for the whole thing though. I was just happy that I got to see the Guilty Gear X team's performance. XD When we went home, my cousin said it is too hot to cosplay in the summer and we should sell stuff at the booth next time. So... I think I will be selling crap in the convention. Ooohh... money. o_o;

Enough of all that cosplay madness crap. o_o; After that week, I started to learn guitar. Yes GUITAR. It was going to happen soon or later I guess, being the guitary-music freak I am... or something.

I also got to meet up with my friends in my old school. We like partied and messed around alot. I think thats all I did these first two weeks.

Since most of the big stuff are taken care of, I think I can concentrate working on my online comic now. If guitar doesn't get in the way too much, I think I can get it up next week. Must fill up sketchbook... argh.... o_o;.

8:21 PM