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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Thursday, July 05, 2001:

Tengu - keke, thanks alot. It was a good message to wake up to. *hugs the star* ^^

But ugh, I can't believe I woke up now. O_o;; Kinda late. It looks like that mid-July laziness is starting to kick in, but just a bit early this year. o_o; I better like get my butt to bed earlier from now on.... or something. Gyah, rain bad. Rain makes my ceiling leak in heavy storms. Maybe that explains the blinking of the room light for about 5 minutes even when I turn it off? o_o;; ...erm yeah, rain bad.
1:28 PM

Hehe, I love the new page Lyn. I think you drew the new guy really well. His expression is just cool, with that "I'm the guy that's behind everything" thing going on. ^_^ ...and the shading of the skin looks very well done. ^^
12:07 AM

Wednesday, July 04, 2001:

Eh, i got my Online Comic up. wow. There's only one page, so nothing will make much sense right now. It's just to get me started out. ^^;
1:16 PM

Tuesday, July 03, 2001:

oookay, I'm way too crazed about this Daft Punk song now. I only now have gotten to see the music video. Jeez, it's like techno-y and guitar-y. Being the techno/guitar freak I am, what more could I want? (other than that Prodigy stuff I don't really listen to anymore). XD

er... ooh, my old Greenday CD. O_O;
8:21 PM, tomorrow's Independence Day. There aren't any americanized people that live around my neighborhood, so I will not be burned by fireworks debris. Maybe my friends will call me up and drag me on post too see some? I hope it won't rain again and delay the fireworks, like last year, and the year before that.

boom boom.
5:59 PM

Currently I am replaying FFT once again, because my cousin is playing it too much and it is too funny to see him stuck at Wiegraf/Velius. MWAHAHAHAAHAHHA... o_o;

And it is very fun to make fun of music videos that make no sense. *rides off with a bike and crashes into the chinese food delivery guy*

...oh wait, I dun kno how to ride a bike. O_o;
5:53 PM