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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Friday, July 20, 2001:

I just came back from shopping with mom at the market. We had to buy some veggies and chicken for her restaurant stuff. It's still not open yet, but she tries really hard to come up with lots of different stuff for it. It's kinda fun to watch her cook and learn some new stuff from TV. Anywho, I'm gonna be eatin' lots of chicken for a while, cuz I have to taste her food and critique on it. o_o; It's a good thing mom's a good cook, or I would've been going through a month of Hell trying to taste her food. All the cousins and relatives like her food too.

On other note, it still hasn't rained yet.... so the next time it rains, it's gonna be a big one, cuz of all that stored up rain. Argh... my onions.
1:12 PM

Thursday, July 19, 2001:

ooookie, FEYES is updated now. ^^
12:36 AM

Wednesday, July 18, 2001:

mwahahah, it's still Wednesday, so I'm not really late for the update. =P I just finished inking and texting the 2nd page. Well, I was planning to do two pages, to make up for skipping last week's, but I don't have the motivation for that. ^^;
11:43 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2001:

...holy crapola. Today is Tuesday. Tommorrow is Wednesday (er.. duh). Which is supposed to be FEYES update day. AUGHGHGHGH. o_o; *gets to work* I told you I would have problems with this. ^^;
1:22 PM

Hmm... It's really really really really sunny today. Too bad the first thing I did in the morning (literally) was cutting the grass. o_O; Grandmama slapped me with a towel to get me to wake up. Wow, what a way to wake up. It was around 11 am, but I dunno, I don't really think that's really late (on summer/weekend standards), but the rest of the family thinks so (the cousin and momma).

Uhm, well yeah, so it's like really sunny. Mowing the lawn today was like running the first 2 weeks of cross country practice, when it's like really burnin' August time. My cousin was out there too, and he was whining as usual, but all he did was pick up the grass junk that flew out of the lawn mower. o_o;

I'm expecting lots of rain tomorrow, (which really sucks) cuz we have monsoon season. It will rain like hell and flood all of southern Korea, damage all the crops/farmland, which will increase prices (good God, my onions), and the news will go blah blah blah blah, and probably our ceiling will leak again. o_o;
12:56 PM

Ela, Jyin, and Nei as a band. I shall call them J.E.N. o_o; I got tired by the time I got to Neil. I wonder if Ela sings well? :P
1:09 AM

Monday, July 16, 2001:

hrm.... I needed more space on my Dream Cast VMU for that stupid Chao Adventure, so I deleted everything on it (there goes all the Rival Schools edit characters/pictures, Jet Set Radio Graffiti, Guilty Gear X characters and highscores, PSO Guild Card and my FOnewearl, and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 stuff O_o;). I took it out of the controller, and bwahaha, I found out that it was out of batteries. o_o; Go me.

Anywho, I have 6 Chaos now, and I got my first Nights looking Chao. Whoo hoo. I like Tails' theme song now. o_O;
11:13 PM

Huh? There's an Air Necklace? @_@ I guess that could've made my life easier on that part, but eh. *goes to hunt for it* ^^;
2:38 PM

A crappy CG of a sketch of Amanda Panda. Whoo. Damn, I could use some chocolate right now too. Maybe some coke as well. o_o
4:00 AM

Okie, I have exactly 135 more emblems to go. O_o; I think this is pretty good progress for only having the game for 3 days.

or something. *still wondering how to name Chaos*
2:00 AM

Sunday, July 15, 2001:

I wish they had motivation or inspiration for sale. o_O;
SA2 has taken over my mind way too much. Argh, my Chaos are too cheerful. Jeez, I just whistle and then they will all hop and follow Shadow, like they are reenacting the scene from Sound Of Music. o_O; Thank God they don't sing while they hop.

10:40 PM

I got my new copy of Sonic Adventure 2 on Friday, and got rid of that defective burned copy. I should've got the real version long time ago, cuz it's SONIC, dammit. =P All thanks goes to my RL friend, kyakyakya. Welp, that night, I started playing, then thought "Wow, everyone's probably already beaten it, and talk about a lot of stuff that will be spoilers to me, so I might as well make up for the lost time and catch up." But the thing was, I ended up beating both the Hero and Dark sides that night. O_o;;; I had TOO much fun playing it.

On Saturday morning, I beat the Final stages, and beat the game. Soon after I beat it, the same friend called up and asked:
"Well my friend, how's the game going? =P"
"I beat it. O_o;"

err... yeah. So.. right now I'm just messing with the Chao Garden crapola. Everyone loves Knuckles, but everyone makes faces at Sonic. That's probably because before I started to really work on Chao Garden, I went in with Sonic and harrassed everybody with the fire spin. Nyahahaha. O_o; I just got my fourth Chao and that evil looking Dark Garden. O_o; (What kind of Chao would enjoy it there? I dun even think the devil-esque Chao would like it there.) I'm making a Perk-ish Chao. I dunno, I was going thru some of Shadow's action stages to get A ranks, then I found like 3 seals. O_o; Since Perk is all disturbed and stuff, the Chao has the "big teeth showing face" or what I like to call the "EEE! face." o_o;

*gets crushed by ARK and dies*
8:57 AM