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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, August 25, 2001:

yet. :D

It was a busy week. I almost lost yesterday in the "bag carrying madness." I went to watch Planet of the Apes with my friend (who has moved to Japan today) and another friend. I nodded when I acknowleged the part where Vera mentioned about "ape lincoln." :P After that we had a little "final" competition of Marvel Vs. Capcom 2. I didn't use my regular teams, i just kinda went psycho and chose characters I never really use. I didn't really wanna be competive or anything to my friend that I wouldn't see for a while.

We ended up having a semi sleep over. Today we drove him to the airport and we watched him leave. The other friend and I had lunch together with his parents. I can't seem to be very descriptive right now. I think i've thought about the word "apathy" way too much this whole week. Maybe I read the last part of BTLC too much. Maybe it's them Evangelion related dreams. o_o;

I wish I had some time to sit and draw some comic pages. @_@
11:48 PM

Wednesday, August 22, 2001:

Well, my friend started a new tradition among us 8 people after school. I call it the "mighty bag carrying gambling madness." What happens is, we do rock paper scissors, and whoever loses carries all our bags from the school to the subway station. The station is 10 minutes away from the school. Go figure. If you lose, YOU DIE. :P And then, you seek revenge, and WANT to play the next day to get some other poor shmuck to carry the bags. Today was the second day of it. I haven't been "it" yet, but I am scared. o_o
10:46 PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2001:

booyaka. school is KICKING MY ASS. :P
11:20 PM