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give me water - oops, midair collision - bail out?

Saturday, November 03, 2001:

Sorry for not posting for a while... it seems that I did all the thinking, commenting of other blogs, and ranting inside my head the past week. ^^;

I finished watching Angelic Layer last week. It was a beautiful series. It's one of the animes you wanna watch again, and again even though you just saw the end episode. Most of the characters were well developed, and you start to like almost all of them, even the side characters. ^^; Episode 21 with Tamayo was pretty saddening, but I was glad when I saw her make up with her friend in the end. I dunno, but I liked just about every ep of the series. All the filler episodes were all heartwarming and stuff. It makes you forget about them Angelic Layer fights. ^^;;

I also finished reading up to Volume 11 of HUNTER x HUNTER. Yoshihiro Togashi writes good stories. That's probably one of the main reasons I kinda neglected Shamn King and decided to finish catching up with volumes of HXH first. ^^; My favorite characters have to be Kurapika(sp?) and Gon. Kurapika was out of action for 3~4 volumes, but I was glad that he came back more poweful and matured(?) ^^; in volume 10~11.

In other news, I bought Capcom Vs. Snk 2 and Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike. I was pretty impressed with 3rd Strike. Characters like Makoto make you appreciate Capcom again.. but CVS2 was pretty much a disappointment. They totally RAPED the styles and balances of many characters. But other than that, it's fun to play.

Oh yeah, I got new speakers for the comp too. I was using headphones for the whole time. I blew up my other speakers from wrong voltage. ^^;; poor speakers, harrassed by my stupidity.

It's starting get hard to drink coke outside now. It's getting colder everyday. Like Lyn says, it's hard to have a satisfying sip of coke when ur freezing ur hands off. ^^;;;

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