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give me water - no, not old crackers - oops, midair collision - bail out?


hrm... my biological clock is still rather screwy. i think it shows, because I've been up since 3, and like really hyped for anything right now.

It was my cousin's birthday yesterday and I didn't sleep any the day before. I gave her a clear blue "hampster in space" pencil case that I didn't bother giving to anyone else when I bought it two years ago in my little japanese trip. I kept it in good condition for times like, uh, this. :o So after I came back from the little family party around 5, and then I slept until 3 AM. :/ The only reason I woke up was because I was in one of those crazy dreams where everything feels real.

In my dream, I was being crushed by my pillow, and I could not get it off. For some reason, I couldn't look left or right either. So All I could see is the little yellow trip of the top of my pillow. I managed to slide sideways, but then it would flash in front of me, and I'd be back where I started, like some kind of psychotic auto reset in some video games. Then I woke up because, apparently, in the dream I was a girl named Britt. So my "parents" started calling out, "wake up Britt, do your homework." Or something along the lines of that. I dunno, it was pretty weird. :o Now I'm too freaked and too awake to go back to sleep.
4:31 AM