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give me water - no, not old crackers - oops, midair collision - bail out?


I've actually been sick since Monday night, but I persevered and still ran like a bitch during practice. (Though, I didn't run as well as I should've the whole week because of the illness). It's gotten worse now. My body's all hot and stuff. (I swear, I'm a fucking male Aya Brea). I actually had to resort to the good old home remedy; soup. Not chicken though, some egg soup thingies. My friend says I should take a break and get some vitamin C.
10:34 PM


the fan breezing through my semi-wet hair after a shower, a cup of maxwell coffee, and some orange cream crackers. (well, it would be coke instead of coffee, but I'm trying to refrain from carbonated beverages during the week when I run 4~6 miles a day. Commitment? I dunno... more like meaningless self-induced torture).

Simple things seem to cheer me up these past couple of days. Maybe it's because it helps to get my mind off of complicated things that are totally kicking my ass.
9:56 PM